Hello everyone,

Over the past few months, the board has been investigating the possibility of a 4-day school week. We have conducted surveys and collected feedback to questions from parents/community members, and teachers. Additionally, we have created example calendars and studied instructional minute requirements. 

At this moment in time, we are not specifically asking for a yes or no vote, but questions, thoughts, or wonderings you may have according to the details provided to you.

Specifically, we are asking for your individual feedback and your thoughts to ensure you are clear on what is being discussed and how this affects you, not an "other people might have an issue with...” or “I’ve heard others say…" thought process. - I hope that makes sense.

Attached to this survey is an example of what a 4-day schedule COULD look like, along with a Q&A pertaining to a 4-day schedule. 

4-Day School Week - Example Calendar

4-Day School Week Q&A

After you have had time to look at and reflect on the information provided, please take the time to fill out the link below. We would appreciate your feedback if you have the time. Thank you!